Pet Portraits

Pet Portrait of Bessie the Dog

I’ve been refining my sketching process and this is the latest result .. a pencil sketch of my beloved pet dog, Bessie .. I am available for commissions if you would like a sketch of your pet as a portrait either in digital format or printed and framed. Please get in touch via email ( […]

Giraffe Sketch Timelapse


Back in the game for #dailysketch as I’ve been a bit sporadic these past 3 weeks due to lots of stuff going on and burning the candle at both ends. Typically I’ve been falling asleep on the train rather than sketching. Today, I completed my Giraffe sketch .. .. and if course a Timelapse on […]

60 Days of Sketching

60 Days of Sketching

60 Days ago I made a commitment to sketch every day. I set very loose targets, I didn’t tell myself how long for or what subject, I just had to make sure I sketched something. This was made easier because I had just got hold of a Wacom Companion 2 and like anyone with a […]

Amur Tiger Timelapse Sketch

Amur Tiger over 10 days

I love drawing big cats, and to celebrate sketching every day for 60 days, I spent the last 10 days working on this Amur Tiger from a picture I took at Marwell Zoo back in 2006. .. and the final result .. I also recorded a timelapse of the entire sketching process which you can […]

Champan’s Zebra Foal

Plains Zebra Foal

This little foal is a sub-species of the Plains Zebra. Notice the faded stripes between the black ones and the stripes going down the leg. Based on photo reference taken at Marwell Zoo and sketched over 2 days using Photoshop on a Wacom Companion 2.

New Tshirt Designs

gorilla tshirt

This is something new I wanted to offer. My animal designs printed on Organic Tshirts, starting with one of my Gorilla sketches on a Tshirt. I chose the company Rapanui to supply the tshirts as their ethics match closely with my own with regards to sustainability and giving to the community. PLEASE NOTE: It takes […]