A Month of Sketches

Today marked the one month mark of doing a sketch every day. How does it feel now a month has gone by? Amazing! It has totally transformed how I feel about my art and the reasons for doing it. I feel free and relaxed rather than fearful and scared to even start. All those self-doubts of “one day..” and “wouldn’t it be good if..”. Doing is far better than not doing.

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit. I believe all it takes is intention. The days that follow, follow from intention. Before, I used to try sketch for 15 minutes a day or some other made up criteria. The freedom for me was when I took away all self-imposed expectations and just sketch every day. That was it. Doesn’t matter what or for how long, just sketch. Every day. #dailysketch

Sketch every day for a month