About Me

img_0880Welcome to my little corner of the internet! If you are here, you are probably wondering who I am and what I am about?

It’s the little things that fascinate, the small details, the macro textures. As they say “God is in the detail”. I get lost in details, I can spend all day in there.  I am by day a 3D artist working on all sorts of CG projects.

I have a particular fascination for animals, both inside and out particularly cats. I love skeletons, I like to investigate how things work. I am endlessly fascinated by simulations of nature and how to reconstruct things in CG.

I used to work in computer games, making and animating all sorts of creatures and bits. I’m sure all of this will merge into one larger picture, but for now I will focus on the little details. And beards. Don’t forget the beards.

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