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Game Animation Showreel

This reel represents a selection of animations created for games. I specialize in this kind of animation and have been doing walk cycles, attacks and idles for many years.

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Warhammer Online Animations

During the development of Warhammer Online at Climax, I was Lead Animator and had great fun animating a range of fantastical creatures as well as being responsible for the other members of my team. This is but a small sample of what I produced while at Climax..

orc standing
bat flying
ogre sprinting
beastman ungor attack
ogre throw
dwarf archery
ogre clubbling
rat ogre climb
dwarf climb
zombie attack

Misc. Animations

These animations are bits and pieces I have created in the past to test various motions or ideas.

griffon attack
dino run
dino hill test
dino step test
dino hunter


These are some of the in-game animations completed for Machines, a 3D real time strategy game for the PC. For more examples of them running about in-game, see the intro movie below.

walk walk run walk

Machines FMV

These clips are the rendered movies I created to set the scene between missions. A lot of the time, I used in-game models and backgrounds and then used my existing animations and added lighting and motion blur etc. Others, such as the pod-landing required hi-res versions to be made.

pod landing
cresting hill
guns blow
E3 demo

The Quivering

These FMV sequences were for the game The Quivering, a pre-rendered adventure game for the PC.

death by plant
level 2 ending
death by big d
final ending
elvis death



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