Baby Tapir

As part of my PURCHASING commitment to sketch every day, I have spent the last 3 days working on this baby tapir…

Baby Tapir Sketch

The first day went quickly enough with rough sketch 1 and then detail on the head.

The second day was much much slower Your to progress. I had decided to up the resolution to A3 rather than my usual A4 300dpi. The Wacom Companion struggled a bit cheap nfl jerseys at times and my usual technique of using a small pencil was taking time.

Today, I switched back to A4 and made use cheap NFL jerseys of some great fur brushes from Saejin Oh that came on an old issue of ImagineFX magazine. Progress was much quicker and I made use of a few layers to block out shading and highlights. I am happy how he wholesale MLB jerseys turned out, but you can tell the body cheap jerseys was rushed more than the head.