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Here are some online games I have been involved in...

The Octonauts

A beautifully styled series developed for Cbeebies on the BBC. I was responsible for developing and modelling the 3D rendered environments for the 3 main games as well as animating a few sequences of character narration.

Check it out here

Richard Hammonds Blast Lab
Captain Barnacle's Ice Breaker

The Octonauts - Peso Hospital
Peso Hospital

The Octonauts - Kwazi Storm Rescue
Kwazi Storm Rescue


BBC Richard Hammonds Blast Lab

Another project by Plug-In Media in Brighton with me as the 3D artist to create all the backgrounds.

Check it out directly at the cbbc site..

Richard Hammonds Blast Lab

bbc blast lab 2



BBC Zingzillas

A huge online project spearheaded by Plug-In Media in Brighton. I was comissioned as the 3D artist to create all the backgrounds and some of the incidental characters like the ants and hummingbirds.

All created for super low-resolution Papervision engine in Flash. The main technique was to build in high poly and bake model and lighting onto textures.

See the game art section for more samples or goto the cbeebies website to see it live here.

BBC Zingzillas

Sniper - Year Two

The next episode in the sniper series produced in partnership with RobotJam. I was responsible for the creation and animation of the characters,

Sniper Year Two

Flocking Fantastic!

Guide your sheep through 14 days in the field. Protect them from wolves and bears and make sure they get fed.

My first sole-creation flash game programming, design and art.

Flocking Fantastic!

Sniper - Year One

You are to complete various sniper missions for the organization you work for. Read the briefings carefully to know how to accomplish your goals.

Game produced in partnership with RobotJam.

Sniper Year One

Heroes - BBC 2 Website

A series of games created with fishinabottle. I was involved in creating animations for the characters in many of the mini-games.

Heroes Flash Games

Franktown Rocks

This is a childrens social networking site where you walk around as a cute animal character.

My task was to take the 2D characters, model them into 3D, animate them and render them back as 2D cartoon characters.

Heroes Flash Games


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