Home Made Photogrammetry Studio Setup

Making your own light studio is a great way to improve the quality and consistency of lighting which goes a long way to improving the accuracy of photogrammetry. It doesn’t need to be expensive either. I was able to make mine for less than £30. You can pick up a cheap light tent kit from Amazon for less than £70 if you don’t want to make your own, but where’s the fun in that?

Here is a list of what you need ..

  • Cardboard box (get double-walled for extra strength)
  • Tape (masking tape for paper and something strong for box)
  • Tracing paper (roll or A3 pad)
  • 3 x desk lamps with daylight bulbs (I got these from Wilkos for £8 each)
  • Lazy Susan or other tuntable
  • Black matt paint for background

Home made light tent

It’s pretty easy to put together. Tape the box closed, then cut holes out of the front, top, left and right sides. Tape the tracing paper over the top, left and right sides. Paint the back of the box black and you’re done!

This results in even light around the subject when used in conjunction with a macro ring flash for the front light source as shown in the photo below …

macro bone skull broken

This is a great improvement over my previous setup..

Photogrammetry Setup

With the addition of a tripod and macro rail, I’m now all set up ready to take more and more photogrammetry shots.