60 Days of Sketching

Sketch every day for a month

60 Days ago I made a commitment to sketch every day. I set very loose targets, I didn’t tell myself how long for or what subject, I just had to make sure I sketched something. This was made easier because I had just got hold of a Wacom Companion 2 and like anyone with a new toy, I was itching to try it out.

This was day 1 ..

Viking concept sketch
Day 1 of #dailysketch

.. and this is day 60 ..

Amur Tiger
Amur Tiger

I think the results speak for themselves! I quickly realised I had forgotten how much I loved drawing animals and that set the theme for most of my drawings. Most were started and finished in one session, usually on the train on my way to work. Some I spent a bit more time on, the Tiger being the longest as it took 10 days of sketching to finish it.

Here is a YouTube video of all the sketches one after another ..

That represents about 40 hours of my time spread over 60 days. Doesn’t sound much does it? Anyone can do it and I bet you’ll see results after 30 days, let alone 60. Those 40 hours could’ve easily been spent playing Skyrim or Civilization or watching films. I made a concious choice to make sure nothing like that was on the Wacom Companion to distract me. I am a terrible procrastinator. I have been avoiding doing this for 15 years! Living in fear of my own art. It is liberating to finally be creating rather than consuming. I suggest you all try it for 60 days.

A Month of Sketches

Sketch every day for a month

Today marked the one month mark of doing a sketch every day. How does it feel now a month has gone by? Amazing! It has totally transformed how I feel about my art and the reasons for doing it. I feel free and relaxed rather than fearful and scared to even start. All those self-doubts of “one day..” and “wouldn’t it be good if..”. Doing is far better than not doing.

They say it takes 30 days to form a habit. I believe all it takes is intention. The days that follow, follow from intention. Before, I used to try sketch for 15 minutes a day or some other made up criteria. The freedom for me was when I took away all self-imposed expectations and just sketch every day. That was it. Doesn’t matter what or for how long, just sketch. Every day. #dailysketch

Sketch every day for a month